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About Us


At Stampers,  staff work hard to provide a safe, stimulating environment that nurtures our children to be confident, creative and caring individuals.


“Partnerships with parents are a real strength.”

“Children arrive confidently, ready for a fun day of play and learning.”

“Outcomes for all children are good.”

“Partnerships with other professionals are fully in place to support children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.”

“The manager is very passionate and has high expectations of staff and children.”

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Monday to Friday: Early Chicks  7.45-9am   Morning Session 9am to noon   Afternoon Session 1pm to 3pm    Tea Tots 3pm – 5,30pm  Monday to Thursday,  and 4pm on Fridays).


What age can children start?

We welcome enquiries to take children from 2 years old. However, places for 2 year olds are limited. Do enquire though..and it is always worth letting us know you are interested – or are thinking of starting your child soon – we like to know even the year ahead, as it helps us massively with forward planning.



Early Chicks: 

3 and 4 year olds – £6 if you arrive before 8.30am

£4 if you arrive after 8.30

2 year olds – £6.60 if you arrive before 8.30am

£4.40 if you arrive after 8.30am


Morning and afternoon sessions: (i.e. between 9am-3pm)

3 and 4 year olds – £4.35 per hour

2 year olds – £4.70 per hour


Tea Tots:

3 and 4 year olds –

£7 if you pick up by 4.30pm

£12 if you pick up after 4.30pm

2 year olds – £8 if you pick up by 4.30pm

£13.50 if you pick up after 4.30pm

Payment of Fees

Stampers does not accept cash – we do not have the facilities for its safe handling. Please pay by bank transfer online – details will be on your invoice. If this is not possible, please pay by cheque – in a marked envelope, as it is handed to the treasurer.

Government Funded Sessions – all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to up to 15 hours of free sessions. Some 2 year olds are also eligible to 15 hours of free sessions. For more information about this, and advice about applying for the new 30 hour extended entitlement, have a look at the flooding link – About free entitlement to funding for 2,3 and 4 year olds or have a look at this leaflet  and here is a link. The new national Government gateway to check eligibility and apply is here.. You will also find more information here about the new 30 hour extended entitlement for working parents, which starts in September 2017.

If your child is only in for a morning session, you can add an hour on for lunch if you would like to ie. 12.00 – 1pm.  If you would like your child to have a school dinner, this is paid to school – see below)

You can provide a packed lunch for your child, or you can order a school dinner, which we bring through from the hall and eat in Stampers (see below)

School lunch

If you would like to order school lunch for your child, either book this in when you book your sessions, or just tell us on the morning. (we need to know by 9.30 latest). School lunch costs £2.20. Please pay this to Dawn Hill, in the school office. Do not include any lunch money with your Stampers fees. Stampers is independent from school, with totally separate finances.

See ‘Useful links’ – top of the page – for a link to school dinner menus.



Siobhan Stephenson - Preschool Leader

Siobhan Stephenson is the Preschool Leader. She has Early Years Professional Status and a postgraduate certificate in Early Years Education, as well as a degree in Speech and Language Therapy. She has 2 sons – Joel, 22, and Jamie, 18. Siobhan loves to be outside, especially IN the sea. She also plays folk music and sings classical music in the Rock Festival Chamber Choir (nothing to do with rock music or festivals!). Siobhan has worked at Stampers since September 2013.



Kirsty Mclean is the Preschool Deputy Leader. She has a Level 4 Certificate in Early Years Practice (60 credits), and a Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Early Years. Her daughter Gracie is at Stamfordham First School, and she is 5. In her spare time she loves to cook, read and go for walks. Kirsty has worked at Stampers since July 2014.


Claire Cable, having been a special needs co-ordinator/teacher in primary schools, is now diversifying in to early years education. She started working at Stampers in March 2015. Claire has a daughter, Isabelle, who is 7, and at Stamfordham First School. Claire is the Special Educational Needs and disability Co-ordinator (SENDCO)


Devon Dixon completed her Foundation Degree (Level 5) in Early Years in July 2017 and is now studying for the final year of her degree, (Level 6) at Newcastle College. Devon has worked in Stampers since March 2015.

Taylor Ostle, from USA, has a psychology degree and is training to be a teacher. She covers for other staff when needed. Taylor will be away for the autumn term 2017, completing the final stages of her teacher training.

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