Celebrating Northumberland Day

Celebrating Northumberland Day

Early Years settings all around Northumberland were encouraged to join in celebrating Northumberland Day, a new initiative in Northumberland…

At Stampers, we made a bit of a week of it! We made red and yellow jelly – the colours of the Northumberland flag..


….and had a red and yellow Northumberland tea party – with the jelly, strawberries, pineapple, banana, and red and yellow fruit juice…


We looked at photos of lots of Northumberland castles, as well as lots of flags. There were many different patterns on flags from different countries.

We each made our own little Northumberland flags, with a choice of red and yellow materials in a variety of shapes, so we could make our own patterns. We stuck these onto one big flag. It looked fantastic! DSCN1596

Finally, we watched, listened to, played along with on our rhythm sticks and danced to some music from Northumberland that Siobhan played on her Northumbrian Pipes! A fantastic end to a very busy half term!

30 hours entitlement in September – don’t forget to apply for this as soon as possible. https://childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk/par/app/applynow If you leave it until September it will be too late. The deadline is in August. However, if you are thinking you might use it, please let us know, as we need to plan now. Also let me know if you hope to use it in the future. Even those already getting it must re apply. As soon as you have your code, let Stampers know it, and your national insurance number, as we have to validate your eligibility through an online system.

Finally, it is coming up to thinking about saying goodbye to our children who will be starting school. We are planning to have a ‘Leavers Celebration’ on Thursday 20th July, in the afternoon (probably about 2pm), to which parents/carers of the children who are leaving for school are invited.  Details/times to follow – but just so that those of you with leavers can plan… Also, Sports Day is on Tuesday 11th July, in the morning – time to be confirmed. All children are invited to come on the day, even if it is not your usual day.