Healthy Living in Digger Heaven!

Healthy Living in Digger Heaven!

Well, for some reason this is called the Summer term! We have had a bit of sun…but it’s still pretty cold. SO please make sure you bring in sun cream, and sun hats for you children, as well as coats and woolly hats! If you put sun cream on your children before they come in, that really helps – but let us know you have done it so they don’t get a second dollop..

We are focussing on healthy living this half term. This is in part linked to the Boogiemites Healthy Living Challenge (although we have been having issues with our iPod and getting the Boogiemites Healthy Living songs downloaded…so we’re a bit behind). This week we are thinking about ‘Rainbow Fruit.’

Last week we planted potatoes, and made vegetable soup. Ask your children what we put in the soup…they helped chop the vegetables. And they helped eat it the next day! Did they like it?


We also have potatoes, carrots and onions outside for playing with – in particular, weighing with our new, large scales, and counting.. I may add some parsnips this week, as we have just pulled the last ones up out of our garden.. Some of the children have planted strawberry plants with Andy – rescued from the school garden, which is now a building site!

Talking of growing, how are your courgette plants doing? Please send in your photos as they get bigger – or put them on Tapestry. As they get bigger, you will need to put them in a bigger pot or compost. Soon, you can plant them outside if you have space…or just in a big pot, or container of some sort. We haven’t planted ours out yet, as it is still sometimes frosty in the morning, and this would kill them.

Apart from all the fruit and veg, we have been avidly watching the shifting of mud. It is being dug out for the foundations of the new building for the extension of the school to accommodate years 5 and 6 to become a primary school. As you can imagine, this is heaven for 2-4 year olds! Dumper trucks are continuously bringing mud round and tipping it into a pile right next to our fence! Small excavators (is that the right term? I call them little diggers!) are then re-arranging the mud. Then, a large lorry with a long crane and a double bucket on the end that grabs loads of soil and swings them into the back of the lorry to transport away. I’ve just tried to look up the proper name – but didn’t find it. However, why don’t you try googling diggers with your children – lots of lovely photos will come up that they will love.

Finally, don’t forget to sponsor Caroline and Siobhan in their mammoth quest to ride bikes coast to coast in 2 days this weekend. (or on the chart on Stampers door). Please see the previous post on this website for more information. Every little bit raised will help towards getting new IT resources in Stampers. (I have just seen a link for an app on diggers…!)