Keeping your children safe online

How to set up parental controls – follow this link

These days even our very young children have lots of access to devices which are online. I can definitely say that many of the children at Stampers are much more proficient than I am with all this modern technology! Using information technology, e.g. iPads, etc is definitely something we are looking into doing more, in a way that adds to all our other activity, rather than takes over it, becoming obsessive behaviour, which is all too common in even young children. Siobhan is participating in some research with a doctorate student from Durham University to explore effective ways of using technology in Early Years settings.

A SUPERMAM has persuaded Siobhan to join her in raising some funds for Stampers to invest in various items to let us explore this more fully. Watch this space for more information about supporting this exciting venture after Easter…

What I want to stress now, however, is how important it is to keep your¬†children safe whilst they are online. Our phones, tablets, games consoles etc etc are all so central in many of our lives now, that it is difficult to keep up with how to stay safe. It all changes so often that it can be daunting. But if you neglect to add parental controls on to any device your child plays on, you risk them coming across violence, pornography and other harmful material online. It is also really important to chat to them when they are online, as this communication means that if they do stumble across something that they shouldn’t, they will be confident about telling you. If we take these basic steps now, especially encouraging your children to talk to you about what they are doing online, this will be a good foundation as they grow older.

The NSPCC have a fantastic website, which includes a helpline to talk parents through how to set up parental controls and answer more specific questions. They also have online courses you can do. Please go and have a look, and let us know what you think. The link to this website is also on the Information for Parents and Carers tab, and the Useful Links tab of this website.