Our Talk Sofa

Our Talk Sofa

Woo hoo! Isn’t it lovely!

Thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of Stamfordham First School, following their recent fundraising evening at The Queens Head in Great Whittington, we now have a lovely little sofa and cushions in our newly evolving calm area. Great to sit with your friends or with staff or parents and have a chat or a story ….or just a lie down!


The area has not finished its evolution yet. Still to come – new rug (Siobhan has put it somewhere – just not sure where!) – and a move for the low unit – which is just too inviting to launch off – especially when there is a sofa to land on! But this is awaiting a fundraiser which is coming all too soon (involving strenuous activity from one intrepid mam and staff member) in May – more news to follow…after which we hope to invest in iPads and Apple TV box and flat screen TV, the aim being to make use of the very good Apple apps for children, and be able to put these – for example a child might take photos of a game they are playing and write a story to go with it on a story app – through the apple box and onto the screen to show the whole group! We could also share our Tapestry Learning Journals via the screen too – great for thinking and talking about what we have done and what we might like to do in the future, either in Stampers or at home. This will all enable the big and very old computer to go and create more space, particularly for small world play – i.e. cars, trains, farms, little people, houses; and construction….

Watch this space – and donate generously when the opportunity arises. As you all know, we are a small charity, run by a committee of parents/carers. We fundraise for nearly all of our resources. There will be a coffee morning organised by the committee on Friday 17th March – details to follow. This is a chance to find out more about getting involved on the committee, and thinking about fund raising for the coming year.