Dancing into 2017!

Dancing into 2017!

This half term we welcome Eve, from LP Dance in Education, who is coming to do dance with us every Thursday. We are having fantastic fun! Siobhan is finding it quite hard to listen to the instructions, remember the sequences and actually co-ordinate her body to do the moves – but the children, of course, are brilliant! It has been lovely, too, to welcome some mams, grans and younger siblings to join us. Please let us know if you’d like to come along.










On a sadder note, we say good bye to Jenilee, thank her for all her hard work at Stampers, and wish her well for the future. We will all miss her.

Looking ahead, we are incorporating Boogie Mites into our everyday routines, but particularly into our small group literacy work, as research shows how beneficial music is for developing ‘phonological awareness’ – an essential foundation for later learning to read and write. More about this soon.

And as for what else we might be doing? There is much interest in space – especially rockets and stars, so far this term. And Little Red Riding Hood. Siobhan has some mad plans hatching involving the building of rockets, and sending a wolf to the moon…As ever, we aim to incorporate what the children need to be learning – different for each child – into what they are interested in. So DO let us know what your children are interested in at home – and don’t forget to add your own observations and photos of your children to Tapestry.