Trip to Blue Reef Aquarium

Trip to Blue Reef Aquarium

Happy New year to everyone – and looking back….

Apologies for the lack of updates on our website lately. Siobhan was not at work a fair bit of the last few weeks of the last half term due to family illness – but did manage to come in specially to drive the minibus for our much anticipated visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth, at the end of November.

Inspired originally by a child’s love of Peter Pan over the summer holidays, activity has included much role-play, craft, construction, and books around pirates, boats, crocodiles, sea, sea life…and ultimately our trip.

On route we saw St Mary’s Lighthouse, and lots of ships and boats out at sea.

We had a close look at a starfish and a sea urchin and some of us even touched them…






We watched lots of big turtle swimming around.


We saw lots of fish in lit up tanks.



We thought one was a small shark…

Outside, we learned all about seals and they showed us some tricks. Poorly seals often come here to be looked after.



We had a fantastic day. Big thank yous to the parents who came to help out, and for bringing in your car seats. Most of the children were asleep by the time we got back!