Firstly, a message from Northumberland County Council:

Free! Fun! Childcare for 2 year olds!
Evidence shows that good quality childcare for 2-year-olds provides real benefits in terms of children’s early language skills, physical, social and emotional development which will benefit them in later life.

If your child is 2 before the 31st December 2016, find out if you could be entitled to up to 15 hours of free childcare for your 2 year old from April 2016 by visiting or calling 01670 623592

We have been learning lots about fire in the last couple of weeks, what with Hallowe’en and Bonfire night…
Having read lots of books about fire – fires that have gone wrong and fire fighters; fire for good things like cooking, heating; fire drills and how to keep ourselves safe, we have been exploring this for ourselves. We have watched Siobhan cook sausages on the camp stove and looked at and talked about the hot flames from a safe distance – then smelled and eaten the yummy sausages!

We have practiced ‘Stop, drop, roll’ with Kirsty, using a pretend flame pegged to our clothes. We have had two fire drills. And we have been learning the safety rules in the woods, with a view to having a campfire up there soon.

And we have talked a lot about the fireworks we have seen, and had lots of fun painting them, and pretending to be fireworks using colourful streamers!

As well as all this exciting fire-related activity, we always have time to meet in our small groups – to practice our listening skills, and to talk and listen to each other, especially about what we like and don’t like doing at Stampers, and to sing, count and have a story. Here are some of the younger children playing a game. We have listened to lots of different sounds, e.g. scrunchy paper, jingly spoons, tapping stones, and had turns at making the sounds, and now Siobhan has hidden the items. The children have to listen to see if they can hear which is making the sound without seeing it. They are listening really well – fantastic!

Please let us know on Tapestry what you have been doing with your children at home – including what your children like and don’t like at Stampers. This information is really important for us, and we try and build all your feedback into our planning.Don’t forget, you can add your own photos onto Tapestry – and we look at these in Stampers with the children. This helps them to be able to talk about what is important to them at home, and helps to develop language skills.