Walk the plank!

Walk the plank!

Inspired by an interest in Peter Pan, the last half term has had lots of role play, large and small scale building, modelling and books and stories relating to boats, sea, rescue, fish and more!

This may well continue if Siobhan manages to organise a visit to the Sea Life Centre (now called something else but I can’t remember what)….

Much activity this week will focus on fire – how useful it is and how to stay safe. We started this just before the half term with some stories about fire and fire drills, and a fire drill practice. We plan to do some more fire drills, as well as some outdoor cooking on a camp stove, and maybe later in the half term, have a campfire up in the woods.

Please ensure you and your children stay safe, particularly at this time of year with hallowe’en and bonfire night. The County Council have provided links to warn of the dangers of hallowe’en costumes – which also, of course, will apply to Christmas costumes. Here is another (please click on blue writing).

Finally, I hope you’ve noticed the amazing autumn colours? This is such a fantastic time of year to get out with your children – crunch on fallen leaves, find lots of different coloured leaves and other autumn treasure such as acorns, conkers, ash keys…bring your finds in and show us, or add a photo to Tapestry. We love to see what you get up to – and it helps us to know what to chat about with your children (and talking is THE most important work for children in Stampers…)..which reminds me – I recently read some research about the importance of learning lots of words in a child’s early years – here is a link to a summary. On this note, don’t forget to do the Books at Bedtime challenge from the Early Years Team at the County Council…see in your draws for more information.