Bugs and building

Bugs and building

Many children have been fascinated by bugs for the last few weeks!

20160405_WedW4 020 20160405_WedW4 022

This has lead to us attempting to encourage some ants, found in our compost bin, to take up residence in an ant farm. We watched several ants make tunnels in some sand, between two sheets of glass…

We have been busy in the garden planting beans and sunflowers. Some children helped Kirsty to make a teepee for the beans to climb up as they grow (we hope!)

20160605riW4 033  20160405_WedW4 044 20160405_WedW4 043 20160405_WedW4 052

We also planted a bean seed in a CD box so we could watch it’s roots and shoot grow. 20160512_THURSW5 060


Then we forgot to water it and Claire talked to us about how plants die if we forget to water them. Perhaps we will plant some more seeds in CD boxes after half term. I wonder if different seeds look different?

Building has been happening in all sorts of ways for many weeks. Not only were teepees made for beans, they were also made for fairies! Fairies have been very much around at Stampers recently! As well as cutting up reams of paper into fairy food (some in spiral shapes)(and much ending up spilled on the floor – those messy fairies!), fairy food recipes have also been created in the mud kitchen…

20160517_TueW6 065 20160517_TueW6 068 20161905_ThurW6 022

There have been a great variety of building projects. Crates, large wooden blocks and plank, fabric, pegs, guttering, and big lego…have become housing estates, water runs, obstacle courses…

20160305_W4 046 20160305_W4 048 20160405_WedW4 031 20160405_WedW4 034 20160505_Thuw4 021 20160517_TueW6 023 20162604_TueW3 071


This lead to one of our Camp dads coming in to do some army den building…. 20162405_TueW7 201 20162405_TueW7 210


….and some Stampers-style den building too!! 20162405_TueW7 220