Life cycles

Life cycles

What a lovely spring day it was when our younger Stampers’ children went to visit High House Farm last week!

Farmer Sally and Farmer Steve showed us the new lambs. Some of them were with their mammy’s and some were called pet lambs – these ones were not with their mam’s. We took turns to climb in and stroke the pet lambs. We also fed the big sheep with some pellets in our hands. These sheep were lambs last year when our now older children came to visit! 20160422_friw2 015 - Copy - Copy - Copy 20160422_friw2 022 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Not only did we see lots of sheep and lambs, we also climbed up onto an enormous tractor – thank you Grandma farmer for lifting everyone up! What strong arms you have! We also had a sit in the quad bike..

20160422_friw2 109 20160422_friw2 111


And we brushed Candy the pony and sat on her back.

20160422_friw2 085 - Copy20160422_friw2 087 - Copy

Before coming back to Stampers, we had some lovely fruit and a drink for snack time in the cafe.

Thank you to all at High House Farm who looked after us, and to the parents who came to help.

Some children have also been to visit the school pond. Last year, we had tadpoles at Stampers and some grew into frogs, which Siobhan released into this pond. Would we see any frogs? We did! There were two in there, and some newts as well. Kirsty has been on a few visits with small groups of children since. The really exciting news is that there is some frogspawn in there. We are going to keep an eye on it and see what happens….

20160413_wedW1 021