Spring chicks and pizza!

Spring chicks and pizza!

What a very busy half term!

We watched the eggs in school hatch into baby chicks. They grew really fast and have now moved to a farm because they got too big for their tank.

20161703_ThurW5 004 20161703_ThurW5 005 20162403_ThuW5 087

As the children have been very interested in shopping, we decided to visit Matfen village shop to buy ingredients to make pizzas.

We wore our very kindly donated luminous bibs to help us stay safe, and sat in our car seats in the minibus. When we arrived, we all held our adult’s hand, and had to walk very carefully to the shop on the edge of the road, listening and watching very carefully for cars.

We looked around the shop to see what would we like on our pizzas…there was lots to choose from.

20161703_ThurW5 035

…..salami, passata, flour, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, hot dog sausages, sweetcorn, ham, pineapple….

We each bought something, getting our money out of our purse:

20161703_ThurW5 038 20161703_ThurW5 025 20161703_ThurW5 032 20161703_ThurW5 023

Thank you to all the mams who helped us – not only on the trip, but with the younger children (who will be going on their own trip soon) and other older children (as we went in two groups).

A few days later, we created our own pizzas, as part of our Italian Day, lead by our Italian staff member. First we looked at Italy on the map.

20162403_ThuW5 034


What a lot of pizza toppings to choose from!

20162403_ThuW5 040

Some spread passata on first.

20162403_ThuW5 045

Children each had a different design in mind. (We hope to print photos of them all so that we can compare them).

20162403_ThuW5 058 20162403_ThuW5 062

We then went to visit  the big kitchen. Here are all our pizzas ready to go into the oven.

20162403_ThuW5 071

Thanks to the school chef for letting us in her kitchen and for cooking our pizzas for us.

20162403_ThuW5 075

Of course, we then enjoyed eating them, whilst listening to a story in Italian!

20162403_ThuW5 103