Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

What a fantastic final flourish we had to end our first half term of 2016! A massive thank you to one of our parent’s for coming in and helping us to celebrate Chinese New Year. We tried on lots of Chinese Clothes, put up some shiny Chinese decorations, and then did a dragon parade around Stampers, some of us under our dragon we had made, and some in the band! We finished by trying lots of different Chinese snacks, including one made with sea weed – yummy!

20151102_Thur Chinese NYW6 029 20151102_Thur Chinese NYW6 049 20151102_Thur Chinese NYW6 051

At the end of January, we had another visit, this time from the Health Visiting team. We learned all about measuring our height and weight – and that of our teddies and dolls! Thanks to our visitors for a very interesting morning.

20160122_FRIW3 052 20160122_FRIW3 055 20160122_FRIW3 057 20160122_FRIW3 061

Once again we’ve been outside in all weathers! This particularly torrential downpour did not stop some ‘filling up with petrol’ (in the process,  asking questions, eg ‘Would you like petrol?’ ‘How much would you like?’ And also using lots of mathematical language eg ‘I’ll have 2 litres.’ ‘That costs £5.’ ‘Can I have some more please.’

20160128_thursw4 018

Other children got involved in trying to sweep a flood down a drain – a fantastic activity for building up shoulder and elbow pivot muscles, so important for developing writing skills later…

20160128_thursw4 024 20160128_thursw4 026

And what fun one child had trying to catch the rain in her mouth!

20160128_thursw4 009

Not only did we experience lots of rain, but it has also been very windy at times – which certainly helped these paper aeroplanes!

20162601_TueW4 023

So an extremely busy if short half term has come to an end, with lots of new children now settling in well. Please don’t come next week as the school will be closed! Stampers re-opens on Monday 22nd February.