Watery start to the New Year!

Watery start to the New Year!

Happy New Year from Stampers!

If you can’t beat the weather, then just get out there and enjoy it!

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We love the squirters – great for strengthening those shoulder and elbow pivot muscles – all important for later writing skills. They are also useful for developing language – eg prepositions – can you squirt it over/through/under the fence? And for maths..can you squirt it at the number 7? How high can you squirt it? How many squirts does it take to fill a jug, a large tub etc These children did not want to come in again!

However, having managed to battle the floods to get in on Wednesday, the village had a power cut at 9am! So back home we went….

Stampers would like to welcome all our new children. It is lovely to have you.

This half term we are particularly focussing on developing our talking skills, and being imaginative in every way we can think of! We need some new, largish cardboard boxes if you have any – no staples please. We will also be continuing to develop our awareness of the community in which we live, with a possible visit from a fire engine, and culminating in some Chinese New Year celebrations in early February, just before half term.