Blackberry Picking

Last week we explored courgettes from Siobhan’s garden. This week, we have been exploring blackberries. On Tuesday 16th, Siobhan brought in a load of blackberries she had picked. Some children tasted them. We then pressed them through sieves using spoons to get the juice out. Cathy squirted shaving foam into a tray. Next, we pourred a little of our juice into the tray, and swirled it around using gluesticks to make pretty patterns. We tried to make prints of our patterns by pushing paper onto the shaving foam – but the foam had turned grey! Some children enjoyed using a pippette to squeeze more juice into the foam – this is quite tricky to learn how to do! Fantastic for developing the pincer movement so important for writing skills.

On Wednesday afternoon, we made two sorts of jelly, blackcurrant, and lemon,  and put blackberries in it. As well as the science involved in melting jelly cubes, diluting them, then putting them in the fridge to see what would happen, we wondered which one we could see the blackberries in the best? We had to wait until the next day to see what had happened to our jelly. As if by magic, they had turned into jelly, which we enjoyed eating, choosing which flavour we liked best.

On Thursday morning we went for a walk in the village to look for signs of autumn. Guess what! We found some blackberries to pick ourselves! This was fun – but we had to be very careful because there were lots of stinging nettles around, and the blackberry plants were prickly. We saw lots of things on our walk – lots of autumn leaves on the ground and seed heads, other berries like elderberries and hawthorn berries. We learnt not to eat or touch any berries without asking an adult if they were safe, as some berries can make your tummy sore.  We also sore some apples and raspberries in someone’s garden, and a few conkers on the ground. We walked over TWO bridges and listened to the streams. And we saw some cows and a post van drove past and the postman waved to us! A big thank you to Tasmin, a mam who came to help us.

On Thursday afternoon, we used our blackberries to make blackberry muffins – yum, yum – lovely!