Spring beans, robot delight!

We always enjoy getting busy outside at all times of the year in all – or most – weather – but it’s particularly exciting welcoming spring.

Fri 20 Mar 15 028 Fri 20 Mar 15 026 Have a close look at the spring flowers in our lovely garden

Having been reading and singing about ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ we thought we’d try and plant some magic beans ourselves:


When can we climb the beanstalk?

I wonder if our beans will grow very tall like Jack’s? Perhaps we might make a bean teepee if they grow…

We have been trying to keep off the grass to give it a chance to grow back. But after all that concentrating to understand the solar eclipse…

The sun is shining on England...and here comes the moon to get in the way...


…. we went a bit wild!

Fri 20 Mar 15 108


Our new bark chippings are still an endless source of creativity…

Fri 20 Mar 15 084


Inside, we have been thinking about robots. We have been learning how to programme our Beebot, and using a remote control to direct a bug.

Thur 12.3.15 004


We then thought about how we could make some robots….ummm how can we make an arm? How might it stick on? For some of our younger children, it was exciting just to discover that objects can be attached. Some children went on to paint their creations – outdoors in the spring sunshine.

Fri 20 Mar 15 021 Fri 20 Mar 15 023


Siobhan introduced us to Numicon. This is a system that uses a multi-sensory approach to exploring what numbers are and how they work and relate to each other, and make patterns… links on the useful links tab to follow soon..

Fri 20 Mar 15 010 Fri 20 Mar 15 008


After all that work, we were hungry….and had a bit of a milk surplus. So we decided to whip up some Angel Delight. We took turns to smell the strawberry and butterscotch flavours, measure 300ml of milk, sprinkle the powder in, and to whisk it. What happened when we whisked it? And which flavour do you like best?

Fri 20 Mar 15 048 Fri 20 Mar 15 046 Fri 20 Mar 15 043