Welcome back

Welcome to the Spring 1 half term….never seems the right name for a term in Jan/Feb! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all the best for 2015.

A big welcome especially to our new children and their families.

Siobhan will put news on the website from now on – so if you would rather continue to receive a paper newsletter, please let us know.

For the next few weeks some of our activities will be related to ”food”, alongside the reception class next door. Stampers are  particularly interested in flour-related food, such as bread, pasta, pastry, cake… we will be exploring flour and pasta, making bread, and hopefully inviting reception class to join us in toasting pastry twirls at the firepit in the woods, on Thursday 5th February. Watch this space to see how this develops…and please let us know if you have any ideas for activities we might like to try! Our middle area has become ‘Rosie’s Restaurant.’ The final week of this half term will probably be dedicated to Chinese food, in the lead up to Chinese New Year on 19th February. This week, we have made some new playdough – using flour – which has turned into a variety of food in Rosie’s restaurant, amongst other things. We  also sieved some flour onto a big tray, and made lots of patterns in it, using different shaped cutters and tools.

Talking of patterns, this is a great time of year for making marks outdoors – use a stick dipped in mud to draw on a path, look at boot prints in mud, look at the patterns wheels make after a bike or buggy goes through a puddle, use your finger to make marks on a misty window…I’m sure you can think of many more ideas. Making marks in many different ways helps to form a strong foundation for later writing skills. Please send us your photos via email or put them on your child’s learning journal in Tapestry.

Don’t forget, we are now open from 7.45am for Early Chicks, and until 5.30 for Tea Tots, on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. At the latest,  let us know the day before (for Early Chicks) or in the morning, (for Tea Tots). You need to bring breakfast/snack for tea. Also, we are now open for children from when they turn 2 years old.