Christmassy Happenings!

Christmassy Happenings!

The last few weeks have flown by as fast as Santa’s sleigh!

After many weeks of complex working out and practising, what with Stampers children and staff all being in on different days, and our wide age range of children in one group, we, along with reception class in school, successfully (I hope you agree) pulled off a fantastic performance of ‘The Nativity’. Many thanks to the committee, who organised, with much help from Susan and Pamela in the kitchen, pre-production sausage sarnies and drinks, and a raffle of Christmas puddings, made by Pamela and Susan.

This was swiftly followed by very sparkly Christmas Disco on Saturday 16th December, organised by the Stampers committee to raise funds for Stampers. Co-ordinated and rallied with great energy by Charlotte Gent, troops of family members put in a totally amazing effort to create a wonderful occasion, and raised the enormous sum of £1076.76 in the process. As well as tasty soup, there were beautifully presented cellophane wrapped cones of sweets, sachets of magic reindeer dust, and a whole array of spectacular raffle prizes. Thanks you to all those who donated raffle prizes, including Matfen Hall, Close House, Lidl, Boots and Sainsbury’s. Thanks also go to all those who contributed to the cake stall, the bottle tombola, and of course for buying tickets.

And hot on the tail of the disco came a trip to Vallum, where we were treated to warm chocolate milk and chocolate crispy cakes.  We then had a special visit from Santa, who read us a story.

The children gave him their Santa letters and chatted to him and received a gift.

Finally, we got to travel on a unique Santa sleigh, towed around the farm by a tractor! What fun this was! Many thanks to our very welcoming hosts at the Vallum and to Farmer Peter and Charlotte Gent for organising the event, and, of course to Santa!

As if all that wasn’t enough, we met up with Santa again the following day at the Early Years Christmas party!


I would like to thank all our families for your support of Stampers over the last few weeks, what with raffle tickets, disco tickets, trip money, party food, tombola bottles, cakes…what a very generous bunch you are.

And goodbyes…

Kirsty is starting maternity leave, so wont be back next term. Boo hoo! Exciting baby times ahead! We wish Kirsty and Gracie and the rest of the family all the best. Come back soon, Kirsty, as we will miss you massively…and the children will be expecting regular visits to continue their process of monitoring the development of your baby!!