Winter is here!

Winter is here!

What a mad day, with a sudden heavy downpour of snow!

We made the most of it and headed out…

Exploring the world around us is always exciting at such a young age and it is such a privilege to work with young children, sharing their wonder. Snow is especially wonderous! We watched in fascination as we dropped handfuls of snow into a bowl of hot water. Where did it go? Will the water stay warm? What will happen to it if we leave it out overnight? Early years science at it’s best! We studied the footprint patterns our welly boots made – seeing rectangles, circles, triangles..and looked back at trails of footprints in the snow where we walked across the field. We rolled a snowball around and down a hill several times, watching as it grew bigger. We threw snowballs (developing those all important arm muscles needed for writing)…where did we throw them? How far? Up high?

We have also experienced a large amount of water these last couple of  weeks – leading to the making of gutter tube rivers and waterfalls – quite an engineering task with much scope for future development. And piles of fallen leaves have been swept into piles – (and out of them again!) and transformed into a vast array of culinary delights, including chocolate caramel drinks – with cream and flakes on top – which have been delivered to staff by means of a mobile delivery van! (and paid for with – leaves!) We apologise for the waterlogged coats. In this cold weather, the children’s own coats are now needed over the top of the preschool waterproofs – which themselves are now becoming rather holey. We hope to put some fundraising towards replacing – and upgrading – these – but this will not come cheap.

Talking of things holy, we have been practicing hard for the Early Years Christmas Nativity, which will be held on Wednesday 13th December at 9.30am. Letters and emails have been sent. Please have a sausage sarnie and buy raffle tickets to win one of Pamela’s amazing Christmas puddings – in the school hall from 9am –  and raise funds for Stampers.

Stampers will close at 1pm on Fri 22nd December, and reopen on Tuesday 9th January.