Fire and Sparkles

Fire and Sparkles

With all the fireworks celebrations, the children have been very interested in all things fire. Before fireworks weekend, Kirsty did lots of talking with the children about how to stay safe, including Stop, Drop, Roll if your clothes caught fire. Many children have been reading books about fire engines and how they put out fires, so Siobhan decided to go up to the woods and have a little fire ourselves. We talked about lots of nice things about fires, such as they keep us warm and we can cook on them. We talked about how they got very hot and they can cause things near them to catch on fire. We watched the little sticks catch fire that Siobhan added, and how the fire grew when you added more sticks. Some children said they had a fire in their house in the fireplace. Finally, the children were fascinated to see the fire being put out by pouring water on it.

One child remembered that last time we came to the woods we had found blackberries. She told us that you needed to ask an adult before eating any berries. Well remembered! We went to look where the blackberries had been. Look what we found:

Dead blackberries! Why do you think they have died?

We looked at the trees – not many leaves left!

Cookery also gives us a chance to experience the benefits of heat. We’ve been learning how to make scones. Lots of the children were very interested in writing their own recipes – one even insisted hers was stuck on the fridge! We weighed, measured, poured, stirred, rubbed, moulded and finally cooked. I’m hoping to do scones a lot so that the children get more independent at making them.