Welcome to 2017-2018 in Stampers!

Welcome to 2017-2018 in Stampers!

Goodness me – we’re in our fourth week back already! What a whirlwind! We have been gradually landing…welcoming all our new children, and for those who were already here, getting used to life in Stampers without those who have started in school reception classes, or moved away. We miss them all and wish them well.

It is taking time to gradually get ourselves sorted out as there have been so many changes in the school building over the summer…a complete rewiring for one! All the extra sockets are brilliant for getting our new technology up and running, an ongoing process. So far, our 2 new iPads are up and running – with several apps on there that have been recommended to Siobhan on courses over the last couple of years, as well as some newly recommended ones that Claire has been adding this week.

Also added are our Boogiemites songs, and Tapestry. We have managed to connect one apple box to one of our TV screens so far – and we are learning – some of us better than others – how to make our Boogiemites songs play through the TV. Next we need to connect up the other apple box to the screen in the middle area…time being the main issue! We are having issues with the screen in the main area – but have very kindly been donated another. We just need to get it mounted onto the wall… Devon even has photo slide shows on the TV screen! Once again, a massive thank you to Caroline, one of our parents, for her fantastic efforts biking coast to coast and raising the money – sponsored by many of you,  for the above – have a look at the photos from this ride in an older post….http://stamperspreschool.org/?p=973

As many of you know, our preschool is a charity, managed by a committee of mainly parents. The fees and funding just about cover the not at all high staff wages – which means we are totally dependent on fundraising – either by dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, like Caroline, or events organised by the committee, such as Hallowe’en discos, sale of pottery painted by the children, sponsored Tiddly Triathlon…. Our committee are totally invaluable and essential – and we need some new members – so if you would like to join, please come along to our next committee meeting on Tuesday 3rd October at 3.15pm in the middle area, to find out more,  (children can join in with Teatots), or ask Siobhan or Claire more about it. Stampers are a valuable community asset – come along and influence how it develops over the next few years. This is a time of massive change for Early Years Settings – make sure it changes in the direction you want it to – and just make sure it keeps going and is meeting your needs…

This last week we have ventured up to the woods. What a fantastic time of year to get out with children, there’s so much to see and find. The children were particularly excited to discover some blackberries, prompting a discussion about always checking with an adult before touching or eating berries. We also found some hazelnuts – and loads of autumn leaves.

Lots of leaves blew out of the trees whilst we sat in the fire circle having our snack. The new wheelbarrows were put to good use. As well as the already mentioned, we collected different sorts of seeds, sweet chestnuts, and sticks – always a favourite!

Finally for now, please bear with us whilst we wait to get our outdoor area not only back to how it was, but better! Plans include extending through the fence behind the car park into the ‘wild area’ – hopefully a good place to build dens too, and developing a growing/peaceful area to the right, just as you come through Stampers gate.