End of another year!

End of another year!

Wow – what a busy last few weeks of the year we’ve had!

Malawi Morning

On 5th July, we had a lovely visit from a parent, to introduce us all to her home country of Malawi.

We listened to and learnt a bit of Chichewa, including learning a little song and game.

We made special doughnuts called ‘Mandasi’..

Which tasted yummy!

“Zikomo,” we all said! This means, “thank you, ” in Chichewa.

And we enjoyed looking at lots of photos of Malawi. The weather looked very hot!

Which it wasn’t on our………


Early Years Sports Day

We joined with reception class out on the school field for our sports day – with lots of ominous black clouds all around! Not only did they hold off for our morning event, the whole school picnic, afternoon sports day for everyone else in school, and the school summer fair, also all went ahead in nearly dry conditions!

Our soon to move to reception class children did fantastically well, joining in with the reception class teams:

And our younger children also had lots of fun!

Message from Vanessa, our outgoing treasurer:

“Despite the weather being showery just before sports day, it was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters came to support their little ones and bought tea, coffee, cakes and raffles tickets.

I’m extremely happy to say that in those 45 minutes before the event, we raised a fantastic £114!! How amazing is that?!!

Thank you once again to everyone supporting Early Years. You are all amazing and it was so lovely raising funds with my fellow Committee members though sad too that it was Myself and Rhians last Fundraising together on Stampers Committee.

A massive thank you to Rhian and Vanessa, who have both done an enormous amount of work for Stampers Preschool over the last 2-3 years. Without the efforts of parents on our committee, we would not be able to run. Please let staff know if you are interested in helping on the committee. Roles range from organising fundraising efforts, just helping on fundraising events, taking part in decision making e.g. about hours and prices, interviewing for new staff, managing the banking – including ensuring staff are paid…

Out on the field

We’ve been out on the field, and in the woods, a few times this year – escaping from the building of the carpark next to our out door area…

Leavers Celebration

And finally, it came to saying good bye to many children who are leaving Stampers to start in reception class, or who are moving to pastures new…this is always emotional! We feel so privileged to be so involved with such an important stage in yours and your  children’s lives. It’s not easy letting your children be looked after by others, often for the first time ever. (Myself, I used to sit outside and cry until a staff member came out to tell me they were absolutely fine!)(that was 20 years ago!). And then we get to watch them grow up so much during their time with us – really exciting to be part of. So it’s exciting that they are ready to move on, but heart wrenching to let them go, having got to know them all so well.

We performed a few songs for our parents, grandparents and other relatives..’There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf’ – in honour of the butterflies we have recently watched emerge from their cocoons and be released..(sequencing song – maths and understanding of the world); a few Boogiemites songs with our rhythm sticks:  ‘Chocolate cake’ – a special request by one of the children leaving – (it encourages being able to feel the syllables in words, a vital pre-reading skill); ‘Tap Rap’, (which encourages listening to and understanding, and awareness of rhyming words), and ‘The Grand Old Duke of York”, which the children absolutely love, especially the bit about the dragon.

After presentations of presents and certificates, we enjoyed a bit of bubbly and some nibbles.

Thank you to all our families for your support and for sharing your wonderful children with us – and of course, thank you to your fantastic children – we will miss them all loads.

Photos to follow soon…