One day a short notice visit from Ofsted, the next a big hole instead of a beautiful tree…luckily in that order!

We would like to thank all our lovely parents/carers and children for being so brilliant during our recent Ofsted inspection – in particular those who spoke to the inspector. Also, a massive thank you to all the Stampers Staff – even those who missed the day itself – for all the hard work and preparation – particularly the very late night and very early morning just before. It’s a stressful experience for staff to go through, and everyone did really well. You can read our report here.

Changes outside!

You will have noticed a large hole as you come into Stampers. We are very sad to have lost our lovely tree and a chunk of our outdoor area, which will become part of the car park for the expanded school. However, we hope to develop a new bit of outdoor area. Watch this space for news! For now, we are coping without most of our sheds, as they have either been emptied as the builders needed to move them, or they are packed with stuff from those that were emptied – making them not as accessible…

On the subject of being outdoors, we are out A LOT – whatever the weather, including rain – and in good weather, we get even wetter, as it is sometimes too warm to wear waterproofs….so please make sure your child has plenty of spare clothes, especially socks…and also a long sleeved thin top to cover up in hot weather, as this is by far the best protection when out in the sun.


Sports Day

Next week, Tuesday July 11th, is Early Years Sports Day and we have been practicing with Reception Class. The committee will be offering refreshments and holding a raffle up on the field – look for the gazebo – DONATIONS of prizes would be very welcome – just bring into Stampers. The gates will open from 10.15am and close again from 10.50am. We will bring the children up to the field to start their events at 11am. If Tuesday is not your child’s usual day, they are very welcome to join in, but you will need to stay with them. Please let us know they are coming, so we can ensure we have enough tee shirts, and bring them to Stampers room at 10.30am. There are a few rules:

  • no photographs – this is part of Stampers safeguarding policy. Staff will take photos, and put on Tapestry. This is really important, so please respect this – if we discover photos, e.g. on Facebook, you will be contacted and asked to remove them.
  • if your child comes over to you up on the field, please return them to the mats where we will be sitting – you are welcome to join them there if they are desperate to be with you. This is so we don’t lose track of children.
  • at the end, even if you are taking your child home or to the Whole School Picnic, all children must come down to Stampers, where we will sign your child out to you if needed. Again, this is to protect children from getting lost.

From noon, you are invited to join in with the Whole School Picnic. Please see letter and school newsletter for more information. If your child normally has school dinner that day, they will get a packed lunch provided. If not, and you are going to the picnic, you will need to provide one.


Lots of children will be leaving Stampers soon – either to a new setting, or to school reception classes…it is always sad to say goodbye, and we will really miss them all.

For those starting school, we have been visiting the reception classroom – sometimes at lunch time to explore the room and get to know it, and sometimes to do an activity, such as a story, with one of the reception teachers, Mrs Tate (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Miss Smith (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). They are all loving their visits so far…

Leavers Celebration

On Thursday 20th July at 2pm, you are invited to join us for a little celebration for our leavers. We will do a performance, have a presentation, and eat nibbles! If your child is leaving and it is not their normal day, you are invited to join us – please talk to staff.

Sponsored Bike ride

Thank you so much to all those who sponsored Caroline and Siobhan on their coast to coast bike ride. We have raised the massive sum of £850. Thank you to Caroline – it was an emotional 2 days, but we did it! Your efforts are very much appreciated. We have so far bought 2 iPads, 2 military grade iPad protectors (!), and 2 Apple TV boxes. Siobhan has been downloading some apps that have been recommended, and thinking about how best to go about introducing them into Stampers – both space-wise and safety-wise. We will also be getting 2 TV screens with HDMI, so that we can use the apps, including Tapestry, in larger groups. Exciting times! Ideas welcome for apps you have found interesting, and rules of use…

If you would like to do something to raise funds, please have a chat to staff or committee. We are totally reliant on fundraising for all our resources. And if you would like to join the committee and be more involved in both organising fundraising, and the management of the preschool in general (e.g. future plans, prices, staff recruiting etc) you would be very welcome. We need parents of children who currently attend to get involved.